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Haryanvi songs are some of the most exciting and captivating music of the year. From the foot-tapping beats of the dance club anthems to the soulful ballads of love and devotion, there is something for everyone. Shreehans Arts & Creations, a music production house, is quickly becoming a popular name in the music industry. With their popular songs like Tagdi, Jooti, Gunda Ban Ke, Hadd Paar, and Balam, they are creating a buzz in the music market. On the other hand, some of the top Haryanvi songs are Kaliya Murad, Babu, Gypsy, and Badnam Gaam. These songs are sure to make you groove and dance the night away.

In 2023, some of the most popular romantic Haryanvi songs are Romantic Boyfriend by Diler Kharkiya, Tokni Patil Ki by Nonu Rana, Bajna Nada by Sapna Chaudhary, and Bholi Surat by Himanshu Goswami. These songs are sure to bring a smile to any Haryanvi music lover's face with their romantic lyrics and catchy tunes.

This year, new Haryanvi songs like Gypsy, 9 Lakha Haar, Banno 6 foot ki, and Kamar Teri Left Right Haale have become very popular. They are all upbeat and catchy, and have been played on the radio and in clubs. People from all over India are enjoying these new Haryanvi hits.

The most lyrically innovative top Haryanvi songs of 2023 are Khade Dhamode, Umar Kaid, Chhori Kis Gaam Ki, and Teri Lat Lag Jaagi. They are a mix of traditional and modern beats. These songs combine catchy rhythms with meaningful lyrics that touch upon the tradition and culture of the people of Haryana.

Yes, there have been a few Haryana popular songs that have broken streaming records in 2023. The most popular one is "Jutti" by Parveen Nayyar( Bobby). Other successful singles include "Chhori Kis Gaam Ki" by Pardeep Panchal and "Nazar Malook Balma" by Ashu Twinkle. All these songs have become immensely popular and have broken global streaming records.

The top ten most viewed superhit Haryanvi songs of 2023 include 'Jutti Song', 'Chhori Kis Gaam Ki', 'Nazar Malook Balma', 'Gypsy', '52 Gaj Ka Daman', 'Ukar Kaid', 'Khade Dhamode', 'Kamar Teri Left Right Hale, 'Teri Aakhya Ka Yo Kajal', and 'Haryanvi Mashup'. These songs capture the unique Haryanvi culture and have become extremely popular.

TThere are some superhit songs that have become chartbusters. Some of the most popular songs include "Jutti" by Parveen Nayyar (Bobby), "Chhori Kis Gaam Ki" by Pardeep Panchal, and "Nazar Malook Balma" by Ashu Twinkle. These songs have been gaining immense popularity and have been topping the music charts.