Equipment Shreehans Got To Make Masterpieces

Equipment plays a vital part when you are working on a short film project, and it is important almost every time you need the amazing quality of a final product. A production house with the latest and high-tech equipment works in all positive manners as anyone can think of.

At Shreehans Arts and Creations, we make sure you get to use all essential equipment that will help your project become a masterpiece. Our teams of engineers have an impeccable hand on the latest technology and do everything to understand your requirement, expectation, and a solution to it.

Shreehans Films and our team have years of experience with all the equipment in our studio, and we provide everything you need. We have this amazing equipment so that your work goes on smoothly, and the result will mesmerize you and the audience.

Some of the equipment we have listed below:

  • Online Switcher (Black Magic Sign)
  • Fully Digital Yamaha Tf1 Series Mixer
  • With Highly Sensitive Neumann Berlin and LCT 540 Subzero Mic.
  • 4k Camera Equipment
  • Experienced Editors
  • Complete Chroma Setup

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