Film Making Services

Telling stories through film is what we love to do. Do you have a story to tell? Well, we can offer guidance on the finest creative solution and assist you in achieving your objective through film.
Shreehans offers 360-degree, full-fledged filmmaking services all over the country. Equipped with some of the finest equipment, production tools, and setup, we aim to provide a new face to the world of cinema. We produce content and video for all media forms and provide consistency between communication and design through all our production channels.
With a wide range of services, our experts bring your creative visions to life through our filming skills. We cater to all aspects of production services. Some of them are as follows.

TV Commercial Production

Need help explaining what you do, who you are, or what makes you different? It's common knowledge that TV commercials are no longer a luxury for a brand but a necessity to help communicate its story to a broad audience. We produce commercials within television industry standards that help you determine your communication goals.

We work with brands to produce the correct stories for the right audience. Our army of professionals with a can-do attitude can turn your ideas into insights. By working with an experienced team, you can ensure that your project stays on budget and schedule. We love giving back and working with organizations that make a difference.

Long Format Films

If you have a screenplay you want to shoot, have found a story you would like to adapt, or maybe have an idea you think would make a great film, it's time to hire a professional film production house.

You must be aware making a film is more challenging than it sounds. We all know that scripts are the story being written; while filming, that script is the story being told. We are all about finding that blend of talent, technology, craftsmanship, and passion for making things easier. Using our years of film production experience, we have developed a workflow that is sure to succeed in creating amicably at each stage of the procedure.

Photography Services

We are your best bet if you want to celebrate your important day by capturing your special moments. You can only make a first impression once. Give your photos a personal touch with a professional headshot. We can do everything, including, but not limited to: art photography, advertising campaigns, fashion collection shoots, product/ service photography and more.

From the beginning, three simple ingredients have guided our success: high quality, creative standards, and customer satisfaction. Our creative team, with amazing photographers and videographers, delivers the best experience to our clients.

Short Films

Need help starting or finishing your film? Let's get started! Our skilled crew can guarantee that the whole filming process works well and can assist you with anything you require during all stages of production. When we discuss filmmaking production and services, we intend to discuss everything associated with the art form.

From providing all necessary services, such as lights, camera, musicians, and makeup artists, to production assistance we take care of you at each stage. We aim to ensure every aspect of your experience with us is enjoyable. We work hard to exceed your expectations.

Music Video Production

Music videos are a hot market and a great way of communicating. Are you a musician, a band, or an artist looking to get the video shot for your upcoming song? Or if you are new to making music videos, then it is high time you switch from your old production house company to Shreehans Arts & Creations. We do not make hollow promises and ensure you get the award-winning banger you have been expecting.

Contact the best Music Video Production Company to upgrade your music video game. With experience in video strategy, integrated media production, video marketing, branding design and digital media, our music video equals national exposure.

Documentary Film Production

Most movies that we watch are a form of narrative filmmaking. These filmmaking styles have their histories and methods. A documentary film is more than just a few pictures on a screen. Our experts try to explore the relationship and balance between art, design, and engineering. We have an incredible, hard-working team that always helps push the boundaries of creativity in our projects.

Our approach to helping filmmakers has helped several connect with audiences and generate revenues that often fly under the radar. We offer a flexible, bespoke solution that includes magnificent locations, logistics, equipment rental, technical production services, a wide variety of human resources, and assistance. We assure you that nobody has the chops to do as we do.
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