Studio Booking

Are you an artist looking for a creative space for your audio, video, and photos? Rest easier; your prayers have been answered.
As a full-production video company, Shreehans is a brand that you can stick with from beginning to end. We are here to provide you and your team with a complete professional studio experience. Our studio comes fully equipped with an audio recording room, broadcast room, green room, photography room, and edit room. It is a creative space for all talented artists out there. We have the creative room and the right equipment you've been dreaming of, so let's turn those dreams into reality if you're ready to light the stage with your amazing ideas.

Music Studio Recording

Want to start recording your music, podcast, or other audio? Shreehans Arts & Creations can get you going fast. We take care of everything from monitoring to music composition to mixing and the post-production process!

We, as professionals, understand that getting started in music production can be fairly daunting due to the sheer amount of gear that's out there that you can choose from. What computers should you get, what software to use, and what speakers would best fit?

If you have all those questions in your mind, it's time for you to book a music recording studio.

Great sound production is important to take your audio to the next level. The only studio that lets you record your audio hassle free is us. Our creative space aims to relieve the pressure of the technical aspects of content creation, allowing creators to concentrate on what they do best—be creative! We provide various audio and video production services to fit a range of budgets, enabling you to realize your creative goals.

So, all fired up for your next big hit? With our abundant space and unique set, there is no project we can't handle. It's time to quit recording your work on apps and at home and start doing it in a recording studio with real producers.
Book your studio session today with us

Chroma Key Studio

Many people complain they have a hard time making videos because they just don't have the right space, it is impossible to film the environment, or they have ridiculously expensive shots. The more the scene is mundane, the less your audience will pay attention to the details. We at Shreehans, aim to give voice to everyone's stories since everyone has one to share.

Our Chroma Studio in Delhi, with cutting-edge film equipment and a spacious screening area, gives an unparalleled experience to our artists. Our on-set producers will ensure you're at ease and conveying the proper message for your brand, whether it's your first or 50th time in front of the camera.

If you are looking for a clean and corporate look, Shreehans is the place you are looking for. We offer in-house green screen production services. We are expanding our services to reach private video projects and smaller companies. Our chroma-key (green screen) services are now available to qualified clients.

Whatever your shoot requires, we build dynamic, adaptable sets to bring your ideas to life. Book our studio right away if you want your upcoming production to be a success on our set. You will save time, effort, and money by having us work closely with our technical assistance and production assistance locally.

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