Understanding Lighting Techniques For Filming

Coming up with a short film worth the visuals and cost is not easy. Apart from the talent of actors and directors, the credibility of the film depends on the filming techniques and high-etch equipment's. During film production, light is the important element that you need to consider. An individual behind the camera needs to break down in his mind the sort of result he is expecting out of a project and work likely! But then you also need to monitor the amount of light falling in your frame.

Now, you might be thinking that it is tough to comprehend, but it isn’t. Go through the blog post below and get answers to various questions!

Hard Lights And Soft Lights

Lights have two main categories, hard light, and soft light. If the sky is clear and it’s a sunny day outside & then lights falling on your subject is a hard edge, it turns soft if you place an object through which light can pass and show up in your frame. Place a diffusing material in such a position that, needful amount of soft light is falling in your frame.

Always keep in mind that don’t let hard light fall in your frame directly. There are various lights available, but noting down here is the power of the light and how the shadow will fall in the frame. We recommend you to better experiment and understand things in advance!

Camera Sensitivity

Another factor in deciding if you need any additional light is the measuring sensor present inside your camera. The amount of light needed depends on the camera model and brand, the type of video you are filming, etc. Some cameras can capture good quality, low noise images, but some fail to do so. Set your camera accordingly so that you don’t need to retake the shot.

Lighting Colour Temperature

Light creates a major difference in a frame or a clip. If you want to showcase some elements differently, you use an artificial source of lights and adjust it so that the frame or clip grabs all the desired attention. Comprehend what type of result the video production company demands and work on it so that you achieve a very aesthetic result. On a concluding note, overdoing lights can hamper your frame; proper analysis is required.


To develop an amazing and award-worthy short film, one must consider working on lighting, color temperature, and equipment. Be it an artificial source of light or natural light, a camera setting is important to produce films that mesmerize the audience.

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