Apang Short Film

The film shows a wealthy family's son as entitled and purposeless. The film's protagonist spends lavishly, and the main characters enjoy their opulent lifestyles while frequently suffering the consequences of illicit shady operations.

The takeaway is that while money is great, it cannot buy happiness or fix all of your issues. The film, directed by Lokesh Pandit, discusses taking money for granted when making decisions and understanding the worth of things for which a high price may occasionally need to be paid.

  • Label : Shreehans Arts and Creations
  • Producer : Dr. Neeraj Gupta
  • Featuring : Pandit Rajesh Raj, Priyanka Thakur, Sanjay Shukla
  • Lyrics : Pankaj Tiwari
  • Music : Pravesh Katakwal
  • Director : Lokesh Pandit
  • Makeup : Preeti Sanhotra Makeover
  • Studio : Music Haveli
  • Creative Head : Lokesh Pandit
  • Editor : Kumar Vikas
  • Camera : Kumar Vikas, Mohit Tiwari
  • Release Date : Mar 11-2022

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