Binaar Part 1 | Horror Movie

A horror thriller that will have you interested the entire time. An invitation to a wedding where the main character starts his adventure to go! The adventure begins with him having to go alone on a secluded road for some reason. He travels a great distance while looking for a route, and while doing so, many horrible things happened to him. How did he become involved in all of this? BINAAR is a movie that connects all of these incidents. See the thrilling film Binaar to learn more. Deepak Sharma performed admirably. See how a witch tries to kill him in the film.

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  • Label : Shreehans Movie
  • Producer : Dr. Neeraj Gupta
  • Featuring : Deepak Sharma (Jailor Tihad Jail), Rambir Aryan, Nirmala Devi
  • Lyrics : Vipin Kapoor
  • Music : Manish Sahriya, Chirayu Paul
  • Director : Vipin Kapoor
  • Makeup : Rahul Mathania
  • Studio : Music Haveli
  • Editor : V Bloods Records
  • Camera : Raja Ji
  • Writer : Vipin Kapoor
  • Mixing & Mastering : Amyra Kapoor Studio
  • Release Date : Jun 25-2021

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